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Stress Reduction and The Elements

emeyesdownRecently I was honored by a request to contribute to a panel with 50 other individuals on our techniques of daily Stress Reduction. Check out the fun, informative read!
Fawne Hansen of Adrenal Fatigue Solution features us here ~ I am #23 ~ :

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Stress Relief and The Elements
by Emily Hall

Working with The Elements is a simple, yet profound, gateway to achieve stress reduction. Our needs change constantly and it becomes a beautiful process to discover which Element, or combination of Elements, can provide stress relief.
Here are some examples, of working with The Elements, to incorporate into life:

Earth ~ Find a special stone in the yard, garden or favorite walking path to carry in a
pocket or place on the desk at work. Hold a piece of driftwood in hand, feel the body
shift awareness as it connects with the wood. ~ I feel grounded.

Water ~ Be conscious with gratitude while showering/bathing to release stressors.
During a work day; find a sink, allow water peacefully to run over hands and arms. ~ I release stress.

Air ~ Pay attention to breath for a handful of cycles, and adjust to a calming rhythm. Open a window or turn on a fan and let wind blow over your face and hair. ~ I allow change and transition.

Fire ~ Purposeful and safe use of fire with candles in the home or office. Occasionally turn off the lights and sit with a candle or outside with fire grate. ~ I release stress with purpose and centeredness.

Metal ~ When working with Metal as an Element it benefits us to choose which Metals we have around. For example, wearing copper or gold jewelry, or cooking with cast iron. ~ I choose.

Nature and The Elements

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Calm the Chaos by Working with Nature and the Elements
by Emily Hall

The concept of working with Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Metal) is familiar to many through the tradition of Feng Shui and it’s use of wood, fire, earth, metal, water to create harmony and peace within homes or businesses. These same tools are also available to assist us to bringing peace and harmony into our Body and Spirit.  The Elements are a beautiful tool of communication to use with Ourselves, and much of this communication occurs on a regular basis.  When a purposeful awareness is brought to this enjoyable practice, it benefits us by strengthening the bond of communication, and trust, present when listening to our own internal voice.