About Emily



Emily is passionate and dedicated to Listening to the innate wisdoms of our Body, which guide us on our road of health, happiness and balance.

She is a Registered Nurse with more than decade of practice, specializing in Pediatrics/Pediatric Intensive Care, ObGyn/Midwife, Postpartum and Newborn Intensive Care, with the majority of her career practicing at a Level One Trauma hospital.  The amazing field of Nursing also took her to the Amazon Jungle in Peru, where she worked with indigenous healers and ethnobotanists in small jungle communities deepening her respect and understanding of plant medicine and the natural world. She has also enjoyed the experience of camp nurse with the YMCA in northern Minnesota.  The joy and life as a Registered Nurse has provided an amazing variety of experiences that strengthened Emily’s love of people and desire to support them on their road to health.

In addition to her work as a Registered Nurse, Emily has eighteen years of study and practice within the field of Energy Work and Energy Medicine.
Her certifications and training include; Reiki, Healing Touch Method, Western Herbalism, extensive personal study of nutrition, meditation, and various forms of Energetic Bodywork and nature based practices.  She is also a minister, with American Marriage Ministries, performing infant/child blessing celebrations, end of life ceremonies, and guest speaking at locations of Faith.

The diversity of her background assists her with a wide variety of clients and formats including; individual, group classes and speaking opportunities.  By fusing her knowledge as a Registered Nurse with her passion, and study of Energetic therapies Emily provides a unique understanding, and pathway to discovering our Holistic self and self care.  One goal of her work is to meet people wherever they are on their journey in life, and to assist at discovering a possible road toward health, balance, and forward momentum with joy.  In her business, she supports individuals and groups who may be experiencing a variety of physical and health challenges, and emotional support, as well as working with spiritual awareness and frustrations.

Emily lives her life with the understanding of balance, and is always exploring new ways to expand her joyful existence.