Following are a variety of group experiences related to experiencing our journey as; Individuals, Parents, Intuitive Beings, and Listening to our Body.  If you have questions, or possible topics you would like to discuss please feel free to contact here.

Listing of Workshops and Registration:

Monthly workshop series:

We meet once a month to dig into different concepts and tools of Energy and the connections of Life around us. Each month will be a new topic! Come once, come twice or show up every month, it’s all up to you!

November: Intuition Cards

What are they? Why would you use them? How do they work?
Intuition cards are useful tool to utilize to tap into the broader communication of Life around you. There are many versions of Intuition cards: Angel cards, Spirit cards, Animal cards… All of which are a fun way to activate your awareness in new ways and prompt a dialogue with the avenues that Life is out there to serve and support you.

In this workshop you will learn about how cards work with Energy and how we can benefit from this connection. You will learn to give and receive a reading AND you will go home with your own new deck of Intuition cards.

Tuesday November 12th 7pm-9pm in Minneapolis, MN
Cost: $40   and early bird pricing of $35 if you sign up in October

This will be fun! I look forward to seeing you!

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Silent Language® of Energy 

Understand the Foundational Principles of Energy
How to Engage with Energy in Your Daily Life:

This is a series of 4 workshops meant to support and increase your knowledge of how to engage with Energy. This will result in activating your awareness and creating confidence as you connect into a broader communication of the Life surrounding you.
This series will deliver a foundational understanding of Energy Principles providing the core knowledge of how Energetic connections exist and support one another in daily life.  These workshops are designed as a series of four, building on the knowledge of the previous in the series, and each will provide a combination of teaching as well as experiential learning. You’ll get to play with the knowledge you are gaining and see it come to life! This series is perfect for you whether you are new to the experience of Energy or steeped in various traditions of practice, as we will be focusing on the foundations that are meant to support any tool set for Energy.

Workshop next offering Jan/Feb 2020 Minneapolis, MN:
#1 How Energy Communicates and Why
– Learn the primary rules of how Energy communicates

#2 What Energy Is and What it is Not
– Deconstructing the myths around Energy

#3 How Life Speaks with You
– Using art as a facilitator in learning how Energy communicates with You.

#4 Tools of Energy
     – Basic training on use of a pendulum to promote and reflect your ability to understand and shift Energy.

Please email Emily directly to register or inquire with any questions.

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Being Woman Being Mother

To Be Woman. To Be Mother. To Be You.

Motherhood is a balancing act; schedules, meals, people, employment, pets, the list goes on and on – and we Love it, but…Where do we as individuals enter this balance. How do we as women and mothers recognize the deep love we have for our families and children while maintaining our own identity. This class provides simple, practical tools for the busy chaotic life that is motherhood today, while giving us the ability to connect to that deeper side of ourself that we always want to know – in five minutes or less.

The true and final goal of this class is to know balance IS achievable
even in the moments it feels the farthest away.

Please inquire if you would like to request this workshop

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Parenting with Intuition

Tapping into, Trusting and Working with Your Intuition as a Parent:

One of our important goals as parents is to raise our children with a strong sense of identity, belief and trust in themselves as they grow in their own individuality. We love to see them shine and smile as they spread their wings purpose and joy. How do we as parents support this ever-evolving and significant role we play in our children’s lives, and how do we guide this process from our own personal sense of individuality?

This is where Intuition enters.

Trust working with your voice as parent, and all of the beautiful lessons you have learned on your road to uniqueness. Parents today are surrounded by helpful advice from numerous sources; family, friends, media, books. Much of this advice is intelligent and useful, but not all is right for our children and family. Help yourself sort through this information using your instinct, and gentle knowing of how You are the perfect person to raise your children. Parenting with our intuition assists us to trust our own uniqueness, while raising with love, our children as growing individuals.

Please inquire if you would like to request this workshop

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Listening to Your Deeper Voice

Our body has a voice, and it communicates with us constantly.

This voice is known by many names; instinct, intuition, conscience. We communicate regularly with many cues and sounds; stomach rumbling, aching joints, laughter, tears, joy, ideas/inspiration, motivation..the list goes on.
These are all avenues of communication with Ourselves.
A fun, important aspect of this communication is Listening. What are we trying to tell ourselves? Are we confident when listening to our deeper voice, and what tools do we use to strengthen the trust and bond with our own communication.

Learn to trust and interpret Your deeper voice. Work to build confidence and understanding of your personal communication, and take listening to a new level. Listen to the person who most wants to communicate.You.

Please inquire if you would like to request this workshop.

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“Emily is such a natural, and so knowledgeable! She immediately made me feel at ease, and I learned so much about the mind/body connection and how it can fuel our well-being, if we really listen to it. The tools she provides for daily application awakened a sense of calm that I didn’t think I possessed. It’s there, and Emily helps to unleash it. The pace of the class was also perfect. She comes highly recommended, and now I know why.” 
~ A.K.