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Protection seems to be the word of the day/month/year lately.

It leads me down the road of wondering how many of us actually do take the time to protect ourselves.  How many people know the importance of doing so in a safe and effective manner, and more importantly, how many of us recognize that in overlooking the necessity of consciously safe guarding our Beings what possible effects it may have on our overall well being.

I am speaking of conscious protection and the role it plays in our daily lives and, in truth, our Entire Life.   I titled the piece ‘Insulation’ as that is often the result of walking this world open to everyone and everything. It is lacking that conscious protection within ourselves and creates ‘Insulation’ in our bodies – physical and emotional.

Our Bodies are complex and beautiful creatures.  The process of human development from conception to birth leaves the greatest scientist to the greatest minister smiling in awe at its perfection.  We revel in the beauty of cell development and how intricate our skin, organs, fingers, eyelashes, and brain succeed to be.  In this world we often hear of the connection between Mind and Body and how that can affect our physical and emotional health.  The question becomes how many of us live that connection daily.
Have you ever considered that the weight you just can’t seem to shed isn’t completely related to diet and exercise but possibly years – or one huge event – in your emotional history that you have not addressed, acknowledged and worked through.  Our Body needs an out and if we can’t or won’t acknowledge an emotional addition to our being our body will manifest it physically to attempt to help and protect us.  Physical Insulation.  Emotional Insulation occurs as well… we attract the wrong people into our lives, we can’t communicate our words clearly or feel people never truly ‘hear’ us.  My statement and reminder is; we need to protect ourselves, and to remember protection is not always a defensive move.  The strongest protection is awareness.  Awareness of what and who we put into the path of our bodies, minds and personal space.

The first step is to learn where Your Body holds insulation and how;  then how to shed it and move forward.  Secondly, how to properly protect yourself – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually – to ensure you walk your life protected and aware.

Atheist, Agnostic, Spiritual or Religious we all have physical AND emotional bodies; because we all live physically and emotionally in this world.  One part of our self will always work to protect the other, it is survival.  It is up to us to realize they are connected and how to work with our entirety to find harmony and health.

With Love.

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