Recently I was given the honor of presiding over and officiating the marriage of an amazing couple in my life.  Following are a few of the words I wrote to share at their ceremony.

There is a stillness that comes when we are able to breathe deeply and exhale slowly. A stillness that invites Love, Peacefulness and Knowing. Some of us locate this space within when we are surrounded and immersed in nature..listening to the waves of the Lake, having a gentle breeze softly blow through our hair, or simply sitting quietly outside. Others of us find this space through God or a Creator; a sense of something universally larger than ourselves, and many of us are able to call this place just by sitting quietly within our own self, peaceful and alone. Wherever and however you find this place for yourself it is a form of prayer or intention that takes you into this Stillness.


Always residing there is Love. For Love is the universal Truth, it is the Foundation and the Rock and when You find that breath and truly exhale it is Love that is waiting.

So, I invite you now to take a moment find Your Stillness and Your Breath and allow yourself to embark on another of Love’s amazing journeys.

~ Remember to thank yourself for just being You.