Medieval Maiden

HiledgardMy Mother gave me a beautiful article on Saint Hildegard of Bingen because she said I reminded her of St. Hildegard.  I was intrigued.  That turned out to be a tremendous compliment.  Following are some words of St. Hildegard  (She lived 1098-1179).

“We cannot live in a world that is interpreted for us by others.  An interpreted world is not a hope.  Part of the terror is to take back our own listening.  To use our own voice.  To see our own light.”

She lived as a cloistered nun, but she was also a visionary, healer, herbalist, and preacher.  She has so many contributions in the arts and natural sciences that we would call her a Renaissance woman if the Renaissance weren’t several hundred years in the future!  She had a number of incredible books ranging from plant science to faith interpretations of her visions, and not to mention an incredible artist.  (The image above is believed to be hers it is called, ‘Cultivating the Cosmic Tree’)
Google this Medieval Maiden and you will sit with awe at the numerous entries.

I would never compare myself to her, but massive Thanks to my Mother.  I am very thankful that you think so highly!

I chose the above quote of St. Hiledgard’s because it does resonate so truly with my own belief system and practice.  That is to take back our Own Self thru Listening.  The more we awaken, acknowledge and act with our own voice the more confidence we have walking through our daily lives.  Bringing those scattered pieces of ourselves together to make a whole once again; allowing us into health, happiness and right decisions.  We are then able to See Our Own Light.

Discover your light.  Interpret the world for yourself. Love and Trust the use of your Voice.

With Deepest Respect,