Parenting with Intuition

Parenting with Intuition:
Tapping into, Trusting and Working with your Intuition as a Parent
~Emily Hallchild-field

One of our important goals as parents is to raise our children with a strong sense of identity, belief and trust in themselves as they grow in their own individuality. We love to see them shine and smile as they spread their wings purpose and joy. How do we as parents support this ever-evolving and significant role we play in our children’s lives, and how do we guide this process from our own personal sense of individuality?

This is where Intuition enters.

Trust working with your voice as parent, and all of the beautiful lessons you have learned on your road to uniqueness. Parents today are surrounded by helpful advice from numerous sources; family, friends, media, books. Much of this advice is intelligent and useful, but not all is right for our children and family. Help yourself sort through this information using your instinct, and gentle knowing of how You are the perfect person to raise your children. Parenting with our intuition assists us to trust our own uniqueness, while raising with love, our children as growing individuals.