Silent Language®



Holistic health is knowing the connection between, Our Mind, Our Body, and Our Spirit. It is recognizing the importance of finding balance to achieve health throughout our lives.

Intuitive Bodywork sessions provide guidance and healing to place you on your path of living in harmony with all aspects of your body; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  In our time together I will teach you the art of tapping into your personal quiet wisdoms.  This language is the voice of your awareness, and the fabric of your existence represents the experience of dialogue with your body and greater self. We will connect and expand, with clarity the langugae of you seeking to emerge.

Intuitive Bodywork is a clothing-on therapy that includes gently laying of hands on specific points on the body.  This provides a powerful and gentle way of allowing our bodies to communicate and heal. Each session will open with conversation about specifics you would like addressed, will utilize a massage table for relaxation, comfort and energy work, and close with a conversation about the specifics of what your body had to communicate and its pathway to balance.

Silent Language 


Do you ever feel like you are trying to tell yourself something, but can’t quite figure out what it is?

This is the language of who you are, holistically, rising to the surface and guiding you into actions and decisions to expand your life experience. We can experience our own guidance in all aspects of life, and are able to tap into our own wisdom and answers within a session.

Areas addressed during each session may include:
Physical and health challenges, mental and emotional support, nutrition, and spiritual awareness.

What you can expect:

Our time together is dedicated to you. This includes; coaching, intuitive guidance, energetic bodywork, processing and a follow up plan. The uniqueness of my practice revolves around how I listen to your body and energetic self.  What you receive from my practice, of listening, is the ability to create clarity and forward movement as we access the Language that is specifically yours.

Session at studio location in Minneapolis:

  • All sessions are 90 minutes
  • Schedule an appointment today
  • 24 hour cancelation policy.  If cancelations occur under 24hr notice, half session rate will be applied.  Life happens and rescheduling is always welcome! Thank you.