Silence Expressed

You may have noticed I don’t post very often on social media.
I admire those who share fluidly within such venues.  It has not been a strength of mine, and recently I decided to dig into what what this was about for me.

Here is what I realized:

I have been afraid of social media.
I have been afraid to talk in little snippets of who I am, afraid of being misinterpreted or not heard for a fullness of my person.   

It is true, I don’t prefer brief moments of conversation.  I prefer to sink myself into conversation and rapport with individuals.  If there isn’t time for such pursuits then I will always choose silence, observation and listening.  I prefer to listen over talk, (unless you have been in session with me and then I talk almost constantly, but that’s different).

However I realized, in my love of Silence, I began to use that as an excuse to be silent.  Then I began to label that excuse, of preference for long conversation, as fear.  When in reality what I want is to be loud; Loud about my passion, understanding, wisdom, and appreciation of Silence.

Silence is what I teach.
I teach my passion; assisting others to open the door into their own inner Silence and Listening.  Listening to the quiet of their intentions, the voice of their awareness, the numerous avenues life around us communicates when we step into our quiet, and finally tapping into the energy that connects us all.

So, no more.  I am not afraid of social media, of sharing me in big or small, long or short.  It’s all our choice anyway —> How we share, What we share. When we share. And you are my who!
Honestly what’s scarier, is not sharing at all.

Do you have any fears?  Yes… Excellent!  Let’s talk about fear, and spiders.. stay with me here.

Let’s say you have a fear of spiders.  One day you decide it’s time to face your fear of spiders.  Does that mean you should step into a giant, human sized box filled to the brim with spiders?  Uh, maybe??  But mostly NO! That’s ludicrous!
However, it does mean that you are ready to face your fear of spiders.  The how is your choice.  You get to decide.
Is this spider interaction inside the house, or out in nature?  Do you put it on your arm, the tip of your nose, or maybe just stand near it and watch it build it’s web, is it more than one spider?  Your choice.

That’s how the emotion of Fear is…

Fear simply says to us: Hey! Look at me! I need your attention, you need to make a decision! You don’t want to get stuck here, in this emotion of fear, so look at me!

Then it’s your choice to take an action right for you.

Social media has been my spider.
Does it mean that I need to jump into a tank of instagram, twitter, facebook, etc and be the fluid updater of info.  Maybe eventually…maybe.  But not today.  Today I’ll simply be here.  Expanding how I step out of and into my Silence in new ways.  Because I really appreciate that you are here, and I am too.

Thanks for being here as I face my emotion of Fear, and remind us all.. Every emotion rises for a reason. It is up to us to ask it’s message and not get stuck.  But that’s a topic for another post.

xo Em.

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