Stress Reduction and The Elements

emeyesdownRecently I was honored by a request to contribute to a panel with 50 other individuals on our techniques of daily Stress Reduction. Check out the fun, informative read!
Fawne Hansen of Adrenal Fatigue Solution features us here ~ I am #23 ~ :

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Stress Relief and The Elements
by Emily Hall

Working with The Elements is a simple, yet profound, gateway to achieve stress reduction. Our needs change constantly and it becomes a beautiful process to discover which Element, or combination of Elements, can provide stress relief.
Here are some examples, of working with The Elements, to incorporate into life:

Earth ~ Find a special stone in the yard, garden or favorite walking path to carry in a
pocket or place on the desk at work. Hold a piece of driftwood in hand, feel the body
shift awareness as it connects with the wood. ~ I feel grounded.

Water ~ Be conscious with gratitude while showering/bathing to release stressors.
During a work day; find a sink, allow water peacefully to run over hands and arms. ~ I release stress.

Air ~ Pay attention to breath for a handful of cycles, and adjust to a calming rhythm. Open a window or turn on a fan and let wind blow over your face and hair. ~ I allow change and transition.

Fire ~ Purposeful and safe use of fire with candles in the home or office. Occasionally turn off the lights and sit with a candle or outside with fire grate. ~ I release stress with purpose and centeredness.

Metal ~ When working with Metal as an Element it benefits us to choose which Metals we have around. For example, wearing copper or gold jewelry, or cooking with cast iron. ~ I choose.