Testimonials – Bodywork Sessions

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After two years on a treadmill of doctors’ appointments, diagnoses, and surgeries, I was beginning to feel like my body wasn’t my own. I was disconnected and felt like I had very little control over what was happening to me. That all began to shift when I met with Emily, and in her gentle and caring way, she urged me listen to my body again. She offered suggestions on diet, herbal remedies, and meditation that all helped me to reconnect and find balance again. I am so very grateful for her guidance, wisdom and support! I would recommend Emily to anyone interested in taking a holistic approach to their health and wellness.
~Sarah V.
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I was blown away by what Emily could tell me about myself before I said a word.  In a single session, she was able to interpret what my body had been trying to tell me for years.  She helped me understand the connection between my mind, my spirit, and my deep emotional and physical injuries, and she taught me techniques–some fast and easy, some more demanding–toward healing them.  I left my first session feeling empowered and reinvented, and actually, like the person I know I am but haven’t truly been before.  What Emily does is really amazing work, and I believe all people can benefit from her gifts and her guidance.
~ Cindy H.

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Facing certain blocks in life, and having the insight, passion and courage to learn about them,  and navigate through them has always been in the forefront of my own personal journey.  As we all are each others guides in this life, I am very interested in reaching out to others for guidance in traveling on this path.  Working with Emily, I quickly found a gifted and giving practitioner.  She is an empowered listener in ways that seem unfathomable to most, yet there is such beauty in the simplicity of her work. I highly recommend reaching out to Emily, if you are interested in learning more about your body’s wisdom and that intricate connectedness of mind, body and spirit.’

~ Molly D.
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If I had to pick a single word to describe my time with Emily, it would be “impactful.”  In our short time together, I have greatly benefited from her unique insight and incredible ability to help me isolate and understand the many messages circulating within and emanating from my body.  Previously, I would describe these messages as very mixed…as if many different languages were being spoken all at once, making it impossible to focus and truly understand the messages themselves.
Emily has a unique approach that is extremely calming, yet highly attentive.  She has a wonderful ability to translate the messages of another being in words they understand and images that make sense to that particular person.  Some of these revelations feel like major breakthroughs, while others feel like clarifications of ideas, feelings and concepts that I have known deep down inside for many years…yet not able to understand them in such a clear, simple and truthful manner.
I am certain that I have only seen a small glimpse of what Emily is capable of, and yet I would sincerely recommend her to friends and family that might benefit from her unique gifts.  My experiences have been nothing short of incredible, and I highly recommend taking the time to speak with Emily to see what she might be able to share with you.
~ Tom M.
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In the past few months I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck in my life. I was busy, busy, busy, and not feeding something in my soul that needed attention.  There was something that I was supposed to be doing with my life, a purpose, and although I felt I was close…I was somehow missing the big picture.
I met with Emily and found peace of mind. She was able to tap into some things that I had been worrying about. We addressed both conscious and unconscious things that were holding me back from achieving my goals. She gave me a way to feel grounded, to slow down and focus inward. Then I was able to connect to my inner hopes and desires, to plant a stake in what I hoped to accomplish and to stand behind my decisions with more confidence because I felt more connected than ever with what I wanted to be doing in my life.
My husband has also seen Emily for body work and we have grown closer using some of her tools and having a shared sense of achieving goals. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of a deeper connection to Self. And really, who couldn’t use that?
~ Corrine M.
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By working with Emily, insights into myself and how I can make an impact going forward have come to life.  She has helped me understand more the relationship of my physical being to my spiritual self and how they can work together to make my life experience more intentional and more meaningful.  Through her gift of connectivity, insight and healing, she truly touches a level within to enable you to live more fully, be more present and connect with your whole self.  She has a natural grace, presence, and sense of humbleness as she works with you and unleashes her own passion to take you on your own journey of healing, connectivity and life.  Her gifts and passions have made a difference in my own life’s journey and I look forward to each time we spend together.  In life there are times where we have this need, desire, passion to discover something more.  A need to really identify with what our purpose in life should be, what else is available to us for making a deeper connection to ourselves, the universe and those who surround us in our lives.  Emily, through her gifts, will work with you to fill this need from within.
~Jean N.
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I have known for years that Emily possesses an inherent ability to not only recognize pain and struggle in the soul of the people she encounters.  She also has the ability to help YOU identify it, acknowledge it, and work toward healing it within your own body. She utilizes this gift professionally and broadly. Please check in with Emily, and find out how to begin the path of your own body’s recognition and healing.
~ Carolyn S.
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