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Emily is such a natural, and so knowledgeable!  She immediately made me feel at ease, and I learned so much about the mind/body connection and how it can fuel our well-being, if we really listen to it.  The tools she provides for daily application awakened a sense of calm that I didn’t think I possessed.  It’s there, and Emily helps to unleash it.  The pace of the class was also perfect.  She comes highly recommended, and now I know why.  Thanks, Emily!
~Ann K.

Emily’s class (To Be Woman, To Be Mother) presents simple, practical tools for keeping all aspects of one’s self present and alive, despite the demands on our time and emotions as moms.  Within their simplicity, the tools and techniques Emily teaches are profoundly deep and moving – as are the conversations that Emily skillfully facilitates in her class.  I left the class feeling calmly energetic, and better connected, both to all layers of my self and to others.  I highly recommend it!
~Abbie L.

Emily, Thank You so much for your class.  You are a natural teacher full of light, love, confidence and compassion.  You created an environment where we were comfortable and safe being vulnerable.  Which I believe is so important.  My experience was intense and very meaningful.  Although I cannot speak for the other amazing women I believe it was for them too.  I am inspired by your courage and passion to walk your walk.  Thank You.
~Toni G.

I loved this class.  Mine was full of tired moms with things to do elsewhere, and yet when the class ended, no one moved toward the door.  I think for many of us it was the first time we felt truly awakened, supported, and free from judgment, regardless of–and maybe because of–what we shared and discovered about ourselves under Emily’s guidance.  I liked learning from other participants as well as from Emily; I thought the class was an ideal blend of individual sharing, group discussion, and instruction.  And I especially appreciate that I still draw on the strength of this group when I practice at home what Emily taught us in class.
~Cindy H.
Emily, thank you!  I walked away from your workshop refreshed and motivated! After any big change or pivotal point in a person’s life, it is enriching to be surrounded by other people with similar experiences, sharing your story. When you share your story, or parts of it, you give words and meaning to who you are. I have found this exceptionally helpful as a new mother!
~Chrissy S.