Silence Expressed

You may have noticed I don’t post very often on social media. I admire those who share fluidly within such venues.  It has not been a strength of mine, and recently I decided to dig into what what this was about…

Can we be friends?

Do you have a close friend? Someone who inspires you, treats you well, loves you, and speaks up when you need to hear the truth. As I write, one particular person comes to mind. We have walked life together. Sometimes…

Thankful for Me ~ Sound

Thankfulness, Love, Gratitude, Appreciation

All fantastic words, all incredible practices in life.

Often we look at these beautiful words and associate them with an object or another person; Our home, children, spouse, career, finances, vacation time, friendships…
How often do we consciously allow Thankfulness, Love, Gratitude, Appreciation for Ourselves, to enter our awareness, without guilt or ego.

Thankful for Me is an avenue to awaken and practice the simple Joy of being You.

Listen, and if the message resonates, allow your voice to join mine as we practice being Thankful for Me.

~ Emily.

Stress Reduction and The Elements

emeyesdownRecently I was honored by a request to contribute to a panel with 50 other individuals on our techniques of daily Stress Reduction. Check out the fun, informative read!
Fawne Hansen of Adrenal Fatigue Solution features us here ~ I am #23 ~ :

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Stress Relief and The Elements
by Emily Hall

Working with The Elements is a simple, yet profound, gateway to achieve stress reduction. Our needs change constantly and it becomes a beautiful process to discover which Element, or combination of Elements, can provide stress relief.
Here are some examples, of working with The Elements, to incorporate into life:

Earth ~ Find a special stone in the yard, garden or favorite walking path to carry in a
pocket or place on the desk at work. Hold a piece of driftwood in hand, feel the body
shift awareness as it connects with the wood. ~ I feel grounded.

Water ~ Be conscious with gratitude while showering/bathing to release stressors.
During a work day; find a sink, allow water peacefully to run over hands and arms. ~ I release stress.

Air ~ Pay attention to breath for a handful of cycles, and adjust to a calming rhythm. Open a window or turn on a fan and let wind blow over your face and hair. ~ I allow change and transition.

Fire ~ Purposeful and safe use of fire with candles in the home or office. Occasionally turn off the lights and sit with a candle or outside with fire grate. ~ I release stress with purpose and centeredness.

Metal ~ When working with Metal as an Element it benefits us to choose which Metals we have around. For example, wearing copper or gold jewelry, or cooking with cast iron. ~ I choose.

Nature and The Elements

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Calm the Chaos by Working with Nature and the Elements
by Emily Hall

The concept of working with Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Metal) is familiar to many through the tradition of Feng Shui and it’s use of wood, fire, earth, metal, water to create harmony and peace within homes or businesses. These same tools are also available to assist us to bringing peace and harmony into our Body and Spirit.  The Elements are a beautiful tool of communication to use with Ourselves, and much of this communication occurs on a regular basis.  When a purposeful awareness is brought to this enjoyable practice, it benefits us by strengthening the bond of communication, and trust, present when listening to our own internal voice.

The Many Languages of Our Children

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English (or which ever language is spoken in your home) is not your child’s first language.

Your beautiful infant is crying and you have tried diapers, food and snuggling.  You whisper in you mind; “I wish you could just tell me what you need”.  Your toddler is throwing a tantrum you can’t understand and are unable to assist them in quieting.  In these circumstances we are seeking some avenue of much needed communication.  When these moments of frustration and non-communication occur with your child; when you are confused as to what they need, and they are not able to find or they are to young to use words, remember that English is not your child’s first language.

Language is a gift we can provide; an essential tool for our children’s lives.  We as parents, or loving adults in our children’s live, encourage them along the road to healthy communication and conversation.  Spoken language is a learned tool of translation. We translate our emotions, thoughts, actions and non-verbal cues in to words.  We teach these words to our children as we walk around our lives, and theirs, speaking and translating.  This is not our first language, it is our first learned language.

Listening to Your Deeper Voice

The following article was published in The Edge Magazine Online. Link to the article follows.
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~ Emily.

———–purple globes

She entered my office, sat down and sighed, that deep sigh of relaxation.  I knew she was happy to be here in this healing space.  With her next breath she looked at me and said, “What am I doing wrong, I can’t seem to hear my own voice.”  She was of-course referring to her ‘inner-voice’ the voice of instinct and intuition and was stating; how is that I cannot hear my own answers, and where is my internal balance.  I smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it hasn’t gone anywhere.  Lets talk about how you Listen.”

When we close our eyes, take a deep breath and relax we are checking in with ourselves.  We are achieving balance in that single breath.  We are listening, sitting, looking and we are peaceful all for that moment in our true exhale.  It is quiet and we can hear what our Soul and Body want to say.  We just have to listen.  Often the challenge is learning to listen and hear beyond that single breath; listening as we move through our day, our lives, our body.


Recently I was given the honor of presiding over and officiating the marriage of an amazing couple in my life.  Following are a few of the words I wrote to share at their ceremony.

There is a stillness that comes when we are able to breathe deeply and exhale slowly. A stillness that invites Love, Peacefulness and Knowing. Some of us locate this space within when we are surrounded and immersed in nature..listening to the waves of the Lake, having a gentle breeze softly blow through our hair, or simply sitting quietly outside. Others of us find this space through God or a Creator; a sense of something universally larger than ourselves, and many of us are able to call this place just by sitting quietly within our own self, peaceful and alone. Wherever and however you find this place for yourself it is a form of prayer or intention that takes you into this Stillness.


Always residing there is Love. For Love is the universal Truth, it is the Foundation and the Rock and when You find that breath and truly exhale it is Love that is waiting.

So, I invite you now to take a moment find Your Stillness and Your Breath and allow yourself to embark on another of Love’s amazing journeys.

~ Remember to thank yourself for just being You.