Achieving Balance


When we close our eyes, take a deep breath and relax we are checking in with tall treeourselves.  We

are achieving balance in that single breath.  We are listening, sitting, looking, and we are peaceful all for that moment in our true exhale.  It is quiet and we can hear what our Soul and Body want to say.  We just have to listen.  Often the challenge is learning to listen and hear beyond that single breath;  listening as we move through our day, our lives, and our body.

Everything in us wants to communicate with us at all times.  Learning to hear and trust the voice of our body is the next step.  We are all here with a purpose.  Learn to listen to yourself and what your body is trying to tell you.  Help yourself move along your life’s path and journey with joy, with intuition, and with you.  Something I wrote years ago that is fitting to many of our lives.

I stand straight and tall.
short and fat.
no chance to stand at all.
I have a Spirit only few can uncover but when they do they know my inner being
and can feel my character and my call.
Take time to notice me
So we catch each other when we fall.

Absorbing these words can take us to many places and people in our lives.  I am a nature lover, trees specifically.  When this came to me I was standing with two of my closest friends.. a White

Pine and an Oak.  I  love, admire and cherish their strength and beauty and will forever be thankful for their presence in this world. However, I added this piece today with recognition of our bodies and all of the changes we experience on so many levels within our own selves.  This writing can speak to our Soul and the protected parts of our being that we keep private and personal to share with those special people who do know and recognize our inner selves.  It also speaks to all of our senses, tangible and alive, that we rely on moment by moment to move us through our daily lives; with smell, taste, joy, feeling, sight, and sound.  They are reaching out to you by constantly communicating the world around us.  We rely on them to stand straight and tall and function and often forget they are there working diligently on our behalf.

I encourage you now, pause in your reading..inhale; smell, listen, touch, see, taste, be.  Give a small thought of gratefulness that your body is so alive.


A final thought on the words and how they signify our shell.  Our organs, our cells, our muscles, bones, skin, brain, fingers and toes.  As it states above: ‘Take time to notice me so we catch each other when we fall.’  Clearly speaks to our temple.  Your body is saying… Take care of me as we move through life, as we encounter colds, flus, appendicitis, broken bones, joint and muscle aches, migraines, nutrition needs, cold and hot temperatures, sunburn, and old age Take time to notice me so we catch each other when we fall.  Your body is asking you to be aware, check in and love it.  By doing so it will help you live a long, happy, peaceful and graceful life; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually .  As you love it, it will love you.

You are still reading.  Thank you.  As you have read you are moving on a path of awareness of all your needs.  You have started the motion of recognizing and loving, and being aware of all aspects of your self.  Keep up the good work.  If you find you are struggling with listening, slowing down, or really understanding the language, come and see me.  It would be my joy to assist you in listening to what your body wants to share with you.

Love and Light.